I believe astrology is a grounded, practical force that can be harnessed for wisdom, insight, and understanding,
and I approach my practice with this pragmatic lens.

Astrology applies to daily life and, like us, evolves and changes throughout the years. I help clients understand how their birth chart can be used as a tool to better understand where they are in their lives and where they seek to flourish.

I’m a conversationalist and approach my readings as a friend and listener. I love supporting and encouraging clients on their path toward self-discovery
and empowerment.

We all enter the world with unique cosmic blueprints. Understanding our specific circumstances can empower us to better manage our lives and make informed decisions based on our inclinations and strengths.

Using the wisdom of the planets to help people achieve their full potential.

Astrology Readings

Whether seeking guidance in challenging times or desiring further self-awareness, AstroEleni provides thoughtful, compassionate and personalized analysis for inquisitive people who seek to better understand themselves and the world around them.

I offer comprehensive natal chart readings to help clients develop a holistic understanding of themselves, as well as readings specific to love and relationships, careers and business and predictive readings regarding specific events and decisions.

While my astrology practice focuses primarily on individuals and couples, I also work with groups and teams and can be booked for private events.

How to Book

To book a reading with me, you will need to know your date, time and location of birth. Readings can take place in person or on zoom.

Gift certificates are also available.

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My Approach

Empowering individuals to make informed and confident life decisions.

Astrology offers us a comprehensive set of tools that can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us. I focus on healing, self-understanding and guidance and view astrology as an assessment of our traits and innate abilities that can be used to help us better navigate the challenges and decisions of modern life.

types of readings

Comprehensive Natal Chart with Year Ahead Exploration

1 hour 30 minutes @ $200.00

A personal conversation about your astrological placements and how you can develop increased self-awareness and a deeper understanding of yourself – and your path forward in the year ahead.

Astrology for Career + Business

1 hour @ $150.00

Examining your natal chart and its impact on your career and work life – where you are now and your future goals.

Astrology for Relationships + Connections

2 hours @ $275.00

Offered for individuals seeking romantic guidance related to their unique astrological placements and journey and for couples who want to better understand each other and grow together.

Astrology for Life Events + Decisions

1 hour @ $150.00

Situationally specific readings to help prepare you for a particular moment in time, be it an important decision, resolution of a conflict or processing of a past or future event.

Parties + Events

Custom Pricing

Readings designed to be accessible for groups – available for special events, social gatherings and celebrations. Custom pricing based on duration, size and location.

Certified Astrologer
Tina Andreadis

About Me

A deep listener and guide at my core, I bring to my practice an intuitive approach founded on empathetic communication and an ability to help individuals understand their unique stories. I am a certified astrologer from the Rebecca Gordon Astrology School and have worked for over three decades in publishing.

My Greek heritage informs my practice – myths, archetypes and the oral storytelling tradition have deepened my spirituality and cultivated my intuition. I spend much of the year traveling throughout Greece and connecting to the energy of my ancestors. It’s a privilege to apply the wisdom of the ancients to my clients.

As a Libra, I intuitively understand relationships and approach readings with a supportive, warm-hearted perspective to develop trust, cultivate inner harmony and empower clients to make confident decisions in their lives.

Work with Me


The AstroEleni approach to astrology is relational – whether I am working with individuals,
couples or groups, I spend time and collaborate with my clients, developing trust and creating a space where each party is learning and contributing to the conversation. My practice equips clients with increased self-understanding and awareness to move through life confidently and be
empowered in their decisions.

While initially skeptical of astrology, Tina’s intuitive and thoughtful guidance was spot on.  My session was an incredible tool in guiding my career and personal life that I could apply in a practical manner.  Her sessions are both powerful and resourceful, packed with answers and discovery.

Emily G

Tina is such a skilled and talented astrologer who has amazing insights. She helped me during a tough time when I was lonely and depressed and gave me the courage to believe in myself and make some overdue changes.

— Constantina, Athens Greece

"Tina was extraordinary. She nailed what was happening in my professional life and spotted a unique opportunity for me - which has since come to fruition. Also, she "checked her work" by asking me what I was doing on my birthday nearly two years ago. When I told her I was actually moving that day, she pointed to the chart she had pulled for me, and it clearly showed heightened activity concerning issues of the home on that day.

I am someone easily bewildered and confused by “planet talk”. Tina saw that and adjusted our conversation so that she told me first what she saw and *then* supplied the planetary information. This was super helpful!

— Tom , New York City

I absolutely loved my reading! Tina is incredibly perceptive, and I was under excellent care. She helped me uncover truths about myself that I knew were there but could not access. She’s also so fun, warm, easy going, and caring. When our time was over, I felt like I had gained a new best friend!

— Vicki A, New York City